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Unused brown bin collection by Bradford Council

Following the introduction of the chargeable garden waste collection service a programme has now been put in place to collect the garden waste brown bins for residents who want them removing.

Residents living in Cullingworth, Denholme, Harden, Bingley, Eldwick, Gilstead, Crossflatts, Micklethwaite, Long Lee, Riddlesden, and roads off Aireworth Road are being asked to leave their bins out this weekend – Saturday and Sunday, 3 and 4 December.

A box van and bin wagon will empty any bins which have materials in them before removing them.

Local District Councillors for Bradford Council (Bingley Rural Ward)

Simon Cooke     01535 531081    Email:  simon.cooke@bradford.gov.uk

Mike Ellis     Mobile:  07976 753592  Email:  michael.ellis@bradford.gov.uk

Naveed Riaz    Mobile:  07582 109288    Email:  naveed.riaz@bradford.gov.uk

Town Council’s Welcome Pack in 2 national publications

See the links below for information about our Welcome Pack

The Clerk-article Nov 2016



Erlings Works – Omega Proteins

If you want to report or complain about smells from the plant or want to report any spillages from wagons please click on the link below for who to contact.

Erlings Works complaints

Reporting dog fouling and litter

Individual residents can report dog fouling via the links below:


You can report litter including broken glass via:


You can also do this using the Bradford Council App:


download to your Android phone or tablet or your iPhone or iPad.

Or by ringing 01274 431000

Or by texting  07786 208100 saying which department the message is for.

Foster Park

‘Friends of Foster Park’ – there has been chat on Facebook ‘New Living in Denholme’ group about the state of the Park and considering the cutbacks that Bradford Council could be making in the future it may be an idea to form a ‘Friends of ‘ group to join forces to improve the state of the park and work with the Council Wardens and Bradford Council.
There is info about Friends of Parks groups in Bradford athttp://www.bradforddistrictparks.org/friends/
If you think you may be interested in this please contact Alison, Town Clerk at denholmetc@gmail.com or post a message on FB.

Winter Newsletter

The Denholme Newsletter is delivered to all homes in the village. If you would like to see a copy you can view or download it here:

Newsletter Winter 2016

New Homes in Denholme

If you are interested in finding out more about the private housing and social housing in the village visit the websites below:

House Types

New homes in Denholme

Next Town Council Meeting:

Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 7.30pm

(please note change of date)

Next Planning Committee meeting:

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Planning applications

All Planning applications in the Bradford Council Metropolitan District go to Bradford Council Planning Department. All Parish Councils like Denholme are consulted on the planning applications in their area (parish). Our Town Council discusses planning applications at either their full Council meeting (3rd Tuesday of the month) or their Planning Committee (1st Tuesday of the month) in the Mechanics. Agendas and minutes are published here on our website.


We currently have only one vacancy for a Councillor and would love someone to join us. We can and do make a difference to the village and have current issues of road safety and planning to deal with. See the ad below and contact Alison at denholmetc@gmail.com or by ringing or texting  07531 855150

Councillor ad

Booking the Mechanics

If you would like to book a room in the Mechanics (run by Bradford Council) for an event or a party please contact Chris Ashton on 01943 436224   or email:christopher.ashton@bradford.gov.uk


Events in Denholme – see our ‘Events’ page.

Denholme Facebook Groups

– see the  ‘Links’ page

DISCLAIMER:  This website contains information from many sources for the benefit of the community, and not everything is reflective of the Council’s views.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. My grandparents Edward and Henrietta Southwell lived (I believe in Mary Street) in the 1950’s, he worked in a tannery I believe. I stayed with them for a while and remember going to Keithley school, I remember my grandad playing bowls in the park and also the railway

  2. Just driven around the corner next to hoyles garage and they have removed the roadworks there.great except the road is an absolute disgrace there has been no cleaning of mud and stones and the tarmac that has been put over the roadworks is unbelievable how they can call that a road surface I do not know.
    As a motorcyclist this is an accident waiting to happen .

  3. Wondered if something could be done about the state of old road, mainly by the farm. It is very unsafe after the recent heavy rains and floods, not safe to walk or ride on

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