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Denholme Town Council is keen to involve the wider village community in decisions which affect everyone living here.

So the Community Engagement sub-committee was set up to find ways of better engaging with the wider village. As well as three Town Councillors the sub-committee had representatives from Denholme Community Association, and other residents with skills or local knowledge.

One of the sub-committee’s most important roles was to find ways of improving communication and to make sure everyone in the village knows what is going on. The well established quarterly newsletter was improved. This website for the whole community is constantly updated by the Town Clerk and has plenty of information about Denholme.  The ‘New Living in Denholme’ Facebook group has over 1,000 members (independently run), the Town Council Facebook  page has many likes and is regularly updated and  the tweeters out there can follow us on Twitter – @denholmeCouncil. We also have the Denholme App downloadable on Apple phones and Android phones.

The Town Council would like local people to participate in spending decisions too, about local issues that affect them. This is called ‘Participatory Budgeting’ and is a great way to get people involved as it encourages people to bring forward their own ideas for their community and helps everyone to better understand the local issues. We have completed several rounds of  Denholme ‘Community Pot’  and have given the following groups grants over the last 3 years: Denholme Scout Group, Denholme Library, Denholme Elders Group, Denholme Cricket Club, New Allotments, Denholme Film Night, the Youth Cafe, Denholme Community Gardens and Denholme Primary School Parents group.

The Town Council at their meeting in June 2014 decided that the sub committee had fulfilled many of its objectives and should not meet for a while.

The Community Pot is managed and discussed by the Council as a whole and a new Action Plan was recently developed by the Council for the next 3 years, 2017 - 2019.

The means of communication will be maintained by the Town Clerk.