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Denholme Town Councillors

The following Town Councillors were elected in May 2019 to serve for 4 years:

  • Steve Nunn (Chair)
  • Anne Sherriff (Vice Chair)
  • Julie Wood
  • Jacqui MacFarlane
  • Sue Brazil
  • Hannah Sherriff
  • Chris Cousins

Steve Nunn

Steve Nunn is the  Town Mayor. He joined the Town Council in November 2010, and has lived at Beech Drive since 2002.

Steve joined the Town Council because, due to his outlying location he did not feel a part of the community so he decided to get involved and make a difference. He was also very concerned about Erlings Works and the issues of ‘smelly wagons’, and the on-going saga of Buck Park quarry.

As well as serving as  Town Mayor Steve is Chair of the Town Council Planning Committee. He is responsible for leading on issues relating to the environment, highways and monitors the performance of the Town Council in delivering the Town Plan. He is Chair of Governors at Denholme Primary School.

Steve retired from the Fire Service in September 2010 after a career lasting nearly 32 years and becoming Station Manager in charge of Silsden and Keighley fire stations. He is married to Sue and has two sons, Thomas and Edward. Edward has recently moved back to the village with his young family.

Steve enjoys walking and can frequently be seen in the area walking with his Westie companion, Oscar. He keeps chickens and also enjoys gardening and has taken on the challenge to turn a large piece of spare land near his home into an allotment.

Anne Sherriff

Anne Sherriff  is the Deputy Town Mayor. She has been a Town Councillor since 2010, having lived at Denholme Gate since 1985.

Anne joined the Town Council because she had become self-employed and was now working from home, in the village, and making use of local services and facilities. Anne has always had an interest in local community activity and engagement, and joining the Town Council was a way of getting involved in her own neighbourhood.

Anne has also been an active participant in the Joseph Rowntree Foundation research project looking at Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness and was a member of the community research team in Denholme.

Anne runs her own business from Denholme,  specialising in community development, training and facilitation, so working with the Town Council is good practice and helps to keep her in touch with local issues. Anne is particularly interested in the issues facing rural communities like Denholme, often the first to be affected by the difficult financial climate as budgets need to be cut and services reduced. Rural communities are resilient and resourceful, well used to looking after themselves, and Anne is keen to help find creative solutions to make sure our services are sustained. In particular she is working with others to look for a way to upgrade and improve the Mechanics Institute to make sure this iconic local building remains at the heart of our community.


Sue Brazil

Sue Brazil joined the Town Council in February 2017. She has lived in Denholme since 2003. Prior to this she lived in Cottingley for 12 years and before that was married to a member of the RAF and lived in many parts of the country and also overseas in Germany.

Sue has been working in the NHS as a registered nurse for the past 26 years mainly spent as a District Nurse.  She has worked extensively across Bradford and has experience of both inner city and latterly more rural areas, encompassing the massive changes to the NHS and its provision during the past 10 years. She retired in 2014 but has gone back in a part-time capacity and at present works in Greengates and Idle.

She would like to put her interest and knowledge into helping Denholme move forward to provide a Medical Practice fit for purpose and catering for young and old with the provision of services within the village.

She is also passionate about improving Road Safety as the main road through Denholme   takes a large volume of traffic including heavy goods vehicles and there is at present only one controlled crossing, with increased housing and young families.

Sue loves living in the village and enjoys walking her dog and capturing the beautiful scenery we are so lucky to have around the immediate area.

Jacqui MacFarlane

Jacqui MacFarlane was born in the Midlands and came to Yorkshire to train as a teacher. She instantly fell in love with the place and has been here ever since! She has two children and when they were small they lived on a small holding in Tong. They are now aged 37 and 41 .

 Jacqui retired early ten years ago after a career of thirty years in Education.  She worked as a Primary Headteacher for ten of those years . She is passionate about education but also health and well-being.

Once retired she wanted to do something different so retrained as a life-coach and mentor. She moved to Denholme in 2013 and has now joined the Town Council to become more involved in the local community.

 Jacqui loves walking locally and in the Dales but her real love is dancing which keeps her fit in addition to attending Pilates at the Mechanics Institute on Monday evening!  She looks forward to helping  develop the Mechanics  further as a valuable community resource. She hopes to help the Town Council  meet the needs of local people and help residents feel that they can be more involved and influence decisions that affect them and their locality.

Hannah Sherriff

Hannah Sherriff joined Denholme Town Council in June 2017 and at 19 thinks she may be the youngest Town Councillor in the history of the village. Unless anyone out there knows better.

She has lived in the village all her life, at Denholme Gate. She went to Thornton Grammar School and is now commuting to Leeds each day to study Law at university. She also has a part-time job at Thornton Co-op.

She is  interested in helping to make Denholme a great place for young people, a place they would want to stay in. She wanted to join the Town Council to bring a younger person’s perspective into things and is really looking forward to making her contribution.

Chris Cousins

Chris Cousins has lived in Denholme Gate since 2004. Before that he lived in Sheffield and is originally from East Anglia. He lives with his partner and daughter and is a Company Director.

There are horses, pigs and sheep at his home and Chris buys and restores old cars. He volunteers for West Yorkshire 4×4 Rescue, a local charity that helps move people and vehicles in inclement weather.

Chris would like to see the character of Denholme maintained as it develops and also a reduction in crime. He can offer time and experience of working with other groups and boards in the past. He joined the Council in August 2018.

Councillors Register of Interests

All Members of a council are required by law to complete a register of interests form to provide details of any interests that might give rise to a conflict of interest, when undertaking their duties as a councillor.

Each councillor must register their interests as soon as they take up office, and they are obliged by law to keep their statutory register up to date and to inform the council’s Monitoring Officer of any changes within 28 days of the change occurring.

The register of interests of all councillors are a public record and must be available online for members of the public to view. 

Click here for Councillors Register of Interests