This is the schedule of  meetings for 2018


Agendas for meetings follow, most recent at the top.

AGENDA – 15.05.2018

AGENDA – 17.04.2018

AGENDA – 20.03.2018

AGENDA EX MEETING – 06.03.2018

AGENDA – 20.02.2018

AGENDA – 23.01.2018

AGENDA – 12.12.2017

Agenda – 21.11.2017

Agenda – 17.10.2017

Agenda – 19.09.2017

Agenda 15.08.2017

Agenda 18.07.2017

Agenda 20.06.2017

Agenda 16.05.2017

Agenda 18.04.2017









2 thoughts on “Agendas

  1. I would be very grateful if some one can advise me on what is allowed with regards to the height of evergreens in garden. Next doors trees are well over 3 metres and obstructing veiw & light. I have asked for them to be cut down a few feet but they just ignore me. What can I do.??

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