Community Pot

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This year’s voting event will take place on Saturday 7 July 2018 at the Gala.

There will also be an online vote available from 21 June.

The following Groups and projects have put in bids:

Scout Group – around 40 kids attend our group on a weekly basis. We would like to buy ‘pop up’ tents for the kids to camp in. These are easy to use and put away and are child friendly and need little supervision to put up.                                                                                 £225

Denholme Community Gardens – wishes to improve the soil in all 6 Denholme garden areas with a rich layer of compost. When this was done in 2016 there was noticeable improvement in plant vigour and colour. Our labour is voluntary.                                            £200

Denholme Community Gardens – wishes to continue to improve planting and bulbs in the garden areas. Bulbs are required at South Street and the Mechanics; feature plants are needed at South Street and the Mechanics shrubbery.                                                            £200

Youth Cafe – hoping to purchase two gazebos to provide shelter for the picnic tables outside the Youth Cafe building in the park. These will be used when the weather is not special to allow our young people to use them, as well as the Gala etc.                                     £300

Library – provides an important service for the community. The library holds valued information for researching our local areas and family history and we aim to protect all the information and files in a lockable cupboard.                                                                           £300

Cricket Club – would like to purchase new equipment for the junior section of the Club which we are rebuilding, for the under 9s, 11s and 13s.                                                                 £262

Mechanics (DMI Community Centre) – the decoration in the toilets is looking very tired. We can improve this significantly for the benefit of all users by redecorating in brighter, cleaner colours and make them much more welcoming.                                    £300

Mechanics (DMI Community Centre) – new external locks and keys to protect the building from burglary, theft and damage, which is important so that everyone is encouraged to use it in the knowledge that it is a safe environment for their activities, parties, groups etc.                                                                                                                                  £300

New Allotments – wish to install two security cameras to protect plot holders’ property. There are 28 productive vegetable and fruit plots. We supply the Lunch Club with any surplus produce.                                                                                                           £300