Planning Committee

Bradford Council’s Planning Portal can be accessed by:

The next Town Council Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 7 May 2019 at 7.30pm.

Martin - Heatherlands

Photo: courtesy of Martin Beaumont


All Planning applications in the Bradford Council Metropolitan District go to Bradford Council Planning Department. All Parish Councils like Denholme are consulted on the planning applications in their area (parish). Our Town Council discusses planning applications at either their full Council meeting (3rd Tuesday of the month) or their Planning Committee (1st Tuesday of the month) in the Mechanics. Agendas and minutes are published here on our website.

The Town Council’s Planning Committee is chaired by Councillor Steve Nunn and considers the planning applications and other planning and development related issues affecting our village. As well as the smaller applications for such things as home extensions and improvements, garages and smaller building projects, the Committee also takes the lead in the Town Council’s response to much larger issues.

Our village has had a number of major planning issues to consider. We have also been involved in the consultations regarding Bradford Council’s Local Development Framework, the local plan which will guide and shape development in the city over the next fifteen years or so.

We are also involved in the ongoing monitoring of activity at Erlings Works to ensure that nuisance caused by heavy – and extremely smelly – lorries passing through or close to our village is minimised, and any issues around odours and planning applications.

For information about reporting or complaining click on the link below:

Erlings Works complaints

For more information please contact Cllr. Steve Nunn or the Town Clerk

Planning Meeting Minutes

Minutes 07.05.2019

Minutes 03.07.2018

Minutes 06.03.2018


Planning agendas

Agenda 07.05.2019

Agenda 04.09.2018

Agenda 03.07.2018

Agenda 06.03.2018







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