Mechanics Institute


Denholme is well supplied with community facilities, but the Mechanics Institute is widely regarded as the key local venue, right at the heart of the village, accommodating both services and leisure opportunities Its central location places it within a few minutes walking distance for 90% of the village, and given that many residents are elderly this is a significant benefit.

There is a Main Hall upstairs, a Community Room with accessible ramp and door, a fully fitted kitchen, and a Reading Room – all available to hire.

Current users of the Mechanics Institute include:

  • Denholme Town Council  use  a ground floor room, used as a Council Chamber (meetings twice a month on average as well as providing office space for the Town Clerk) and the room is equipped and furnished for this purpose
  • Denholme Community Association who use the building regularly for events and meetings
  • Rural Crafters (weekly)
  • St Paul’s Wives Group (fortnightly)
  • Denholme Elders
  • Lunch Club (weekly on Tuesdays)
  • Slimming World (weekly)
  • Pilates (weekly)
  • Tiny Tots Baby & Toddler Group (weekly on Weds afternoons)
  • Adult Art Club ( weekly)
  • Police Contact Point (twice a week)
  • Bronte Well Being Cafe (monthly)
  • Library (run by local volunteers, open for 5 two-hour sessions each week)


Hiring Details

To hire a room at the Mechanics Institute:

  • Contact Alison on 07531 855150 or email

Other venues

There are other high quality facilities available in the village. For example Denholme Shared Church offers an attractive, large room which is used by church based groups
but has spare capacity available. The Youth Café, school, and scout hut offer facilities specifically geared around the needs of younger people. Local pubs and the conservative club offer free meeting and social venues, and Doe Park sailing centre is a specialist resource which attracts users from across the district.


15 thoughts on “Mechanics Institute

    • Hi

      There used to be Karate there but no longer. I will make enquiries locally and see if anyone would like to start it up again. We want to see the Mechanics used more and karate was very popular in the past.
      Town Clerk

  1. About the age UK outreach. I am an advisor would you consider running advice sessions again I’d Age UK are doing outreach.

    • sorry it seemed that I was asking about advice, because I wanted some myself. Could you let me know if you are doing advice sessions through Age uk again in the future, as you say they used to run sessions at the mechanics institute

    • Denholme Rural Crafters are the only Craft club in the village. They cover all sorts of crafts including sewing, knitting, crochet, card making etc. They meet on Thursday afternoons from 1 to 3pm in the Mechanics. Contact Beryl Moor on 01274 832553 for more information.

      • Thanks for the information,, could you tell me if it is a class that is lead/structured by some one, or just come along and bring your own craft…etc

      • From what I know you bring your own crafts to do but there are also demonstrations of new ideas some weeks. It may be worthwhile just popping in on a Thursday afternoon.

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